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"A treat for word addicts like me."
- Robert MacNeil, co-anchor
of The MacNeil-Lehrer Report and
co-author of
The Story of English

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"This isn't about jargon. Professional language is collegial."
USA Today

"It will help you sound like an insider."
Chicago Tribune

"Words at Work collects some of the best insider language from common professions."
The Seattle Times

"Harrison goes beyond the easily recognizable terms...."
South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"A delightful little book that cracks the language code on professions."
Olean Times Herald

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"If you've ever wished for snazzier words to clothe your thoughts, Smart Words is a bottomless wardrobe of elegant and sophisticated options."

- Erin McKean, Editor, VERBATIM:
The Language Quarterly

“Smart Words is the perfect ‘elbow book’-- one that you will always want to have nearby as you are looking for the perfect words to make your point. Mim Harrison puts powerful, evocative words in your vocabulary as she asks her reader: why merely criticize when you can castigate, or why be indirect when you can be circuitous?

- Paul Dickson, author of The Dickson Baseball Dictionary, Third Edition and Family Words: A Dictionary of the Secret Language of Families

“Word learners and word lovers will find Smart Words a cornucopia of fascinating yet useful words. The chatty and clever clues to each word’s meaning, and the lively, inventive, and offbeat sample sentences showing the words in context will keep you turning the pages to learn more. Grow your vocabulary here and have fun doing it.”

- Robert Greenman, former journalism teacher and author of Words That Make a Difference
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"Simultaneously full of witty asides and linguistic erudition, Wicked Good Words is one of those rare books that you will read too fast and will find yourself wishing you could read for the first time all over again."

-Ammon Shea, author of Reading the OED

"As someone who grew up in the land of wicked pissa Sox games, what a delight it was to read about alligator pears, sundogs, piggling, sad cakes, doodinkus, jacklegs, and so many other American regionalisms."

-David Wolman, author of Righting the
Mother Tongue

"A fascinating survey of idioms."

-St. Petersburg Times

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